Any relationship between a Alexander Edler Jerseys hospital or physician?s group and a doctor, such as an employment agreement, cfl Jerseys vancouver is and should be based on trust and duty.

The trust part is signing the agreement. The duty part is to comply with the terms of the agreement. The agreement is a significant investment of money, time and resources by both parties.

If you have the opportunity to doug flutie cfl Jerseys sign an employment agreement, it is recommended that it be reviewed by an attorney. There are many important terms, such as the length of the agreement, reasons for termination, compensation, CFL Jerseys bonuses, liquidated damages, non-compete and confidentiality clauses, and if there is mandatory arbitration.

However Anders Nilsson Youth Jerseys many times I do not get to see the agreement until there are claims of broken trust, unfulfilled duty and breach. These claims may have been avoided if the agreement had been reviewed by an attorney before it was signed.

Leonard Schneider is a partner in Womens Jerseys Liles Parker PLLC in the Houston, Texas office. The firm focuses on health care audits, business contracts, general corporate and business litigation matters and municipal law. He can be contacted at or at the firm website The Houston office number is 713-432-7474

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