If you believe Ben Hutton Womens Jerseys someone lied to you and took your money or other property, or you believe they did not tell you everything, you may have a civil fraud claim. Fraud is founded upon a misrepresentation of past or present fact that cfl Jersey patch causes a person enter into a business transaction and that person suffers a loss.

There are many definitions of fraud.

The elements or actions common to most civil fraud during retro cfl Jerseys a business transaction are:

  1. there was a material representation of Jacob Markstrom Womens Jerseys fact made that was false,
  2. the person who made the representation knew the representation was false or made it recklessly as a true fact without any knowledge of its truth,
  3. the person making representation intended to induce another person to act upon the representation, and
  4. the person to whom the material representation was made justifiably relied on the representation, which caused the injury.

If you believe you are the victim of civil fraud you should consult with an attorney to determine your rights.

Leonard Schneider is a partner in Liles Parker PLLC in cfl Jerseys edmonton the Houston, Texas office. The firm focuses on health care audits, business contracts, Jerseys general corporate and business litigation matters and municipal law. He can be contacted at lschneider@lilesparker.com or at the firm website www.lilesparker.com. The Houston office number is 713-432-7474

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