When you need the law to right your wrongs.

Health Audits

Liles Parker attorneys have the litigation experience, health care regulatory knowledge, and counseling skills necessary to efficiently resolve health care issues at the lowest possible level, before they escalate into a more significant problem.

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Business Litigation

Have you been wronged, lied to, not paid for your work, or facing litigation by unreasonable persons? Unfortunately this does occur whether between partners, a business and customer, business to business, or employer and employee.

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Business Contracts

Running a business, with all the interactions with customers, vendors, other businesses and the government presents challenges that can be overwhelming at times. Informed decisions are the best ones to make.

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Municipal Law

City officials and employees care about public service and work hard to provide basic services that are taken for granted, such as water, sewer, police and fire protection, road maintenance and trash pick-up.

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